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Billboard Widget

With the Billboard widget you can easily add two-column to four-column image banners with links to showcase any important section or category of your store. You can combine several billboard instances to create interesting wall of images, an eye-catching an trending alternative to image sliders.
Check out the backend demo | Documentation

Intenso lets you add unlimited billboards to any CMS page or static block using a shortcode or the default widget functionality of Magento.


This widget dynamically loads responsive images appropriate for each device. Works just as well on desktop as it does on tablets or smartphones.

Unlimited Blocks

Add as many instances of the widget as you like, each one with its own set of options. Easily add the widget to any page using a shortcode or the default widget functionality of Magento.

Friendly and Flexible Customization

From the Admin panel you can easily configure the widget: upload images, number of columns, add a custom classname, choose options for mobile and tablets, etc.

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